Yu Teng Qun, Vice President, Secretary and Legal Advisor of China Railway Group Limited Held Talks with Marc E. Kasowitz Legal Advisor to US President

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On June 16th, Board Secretary and Legal Advisor of China Railway Group Limited (CREC) , Yu Teng Qun had a meeting with US President’s Legal Advisor, Marc E. Kasowitz and Rachel Zhang from Director Partner of Highking & Partners, Beijing. Both parties had in-depth conversations and reached mutual consensus to further strengthen the cooperation between both parties and also the expansion of CREC business in the United States.

Yu Teng Qun said that international business development has characteristics such as regional complexity, distinctiveness between nations, and differences in business requirements. He said that President Trump has placed great importance on the development of US infrastructure and commerce, and China Railway has the extensive interests to develop its businesses in the United States, and that the Chinese government and CREC highly valued the importance of legal compliance of enterprises. As such, he believes that through the full cooperation of the two nations in the three areas of government, commerce, and law, Mr. Kasowitz can bring into play his profession advantages and provide CREC with more opportunities and quality projects in the US infrastructure reconstruction project. He also believes that Mr. Kasowitz would be able to provide his advanced experience and quality services to the CREC overseas operations in terms of legal compliance.

Marc Kasowitz said that the purpose of this trip is to promote further cooperation and exchanges between China and US, and seeking of long term partnership with outstanding Chinese enterprises after President Trump's visit to China. Through this meeting and watching of CREC corporate promotional video, he believes that CREC is a great enterprise with strong environmental adaptability and outstanding performance. He also thinks that CREC is rich in experience in enterprise development and construction, and is worth learning. Kasowitz hopes that with his excellent American social resources and outstanding legal team, he can provide convenience, effective and inexpensive services for CREC’s expansion in the US market, establishment of social relations, interest maintenance, dispute resolution, and compliance management.

The responsible person of CREC’s Department of Strategy and Planning, Department of Legal and Compliance, Department of International Business, etc. were present in the meeting.