Starting Out Again with Belt and Road Initiative, Discussion on New Opportunities for Development.

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On the morning of June 9th, a trade mission from Fujian Province Department of Commerce led by Deputy Director, Huang De Zhi visited China Railway Dong Fang Group Sdn Bhd (CRDF). The 13 delegation also included Huang Hui Yan, Deputy Governor of the Bank of China (Fujian Branch), and Xie Long Hai, Head of the Southeast Asian Working Group of China Export Credit Insurance Corporation. CRDF group Managing Director Chen Zhi Gong; Deputy General Manager Yang Dong You; CRDF General Manager Assistant and General Manager of China Railway Engineering(Malaysia) Wang You Ping; Deputy Chief Accountant of CRDF Hu Zhao Jun; Director Of Investment Management Department Shang Li Xian, and Head of the Board of Directors office Wang Zhi Gang attended the symposium.

At the symposium, the General Manager of China Railway Engineering (Malaysia), Wang Zhi Gang introduced the company’s development history, production management and project execution, the building of team of international talents, primary competitive advantages, and his opinion and suggestion towards the international trade cooperation with Fujian Province. He pointed out that in the critical period of China’s 13th Five-Year Plan, it is crucial to fully integrate the new cooperative forces from the Belt and Road Initiative. He also suggested each party to actively form high-level project cooperation with three aspects, which is by starting to learn from each other’s successful experiences, strengthening the cooperation in field where both parties have advantages in, to working together to promote the process of internationalisation. This aims to formulate a new mutual benefits structure, and ultimately realising the great merger of economics, the great linkage of development, and the great sharing of the fruits of success.

CRDF Deputy General Manager, Mr Yang specifically analysed the historical trade condition between Fujian Province and Malaysia, and the relevant investment environment and policies. He expressed his confidence towards the development trend of businesses from the Fujian Province in Malaysia. He also answered questions raised by the Fujian Province delegation. He mentioned that with the location, resource advantages and diversified market environment of Malaysia, the cooperation between Fujian Province and Malaysia will usher in a broader space for high quality development under the guidance of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The trade mission delegates highly commended the development achievements of CRDF which has been rooted overseas for many years, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. They also mentioned that in order to facilitate the enterprises from the Fujian Province with a better “Go Out” policy and to promote the economic development in Fujian Province, the provincial party committee and the provincial government of Fujian Province have placed great importance on the Southeast Asian countries, especially the Malaysian market. With CRDF being the only visited Chinese enterprise, the trade mission hopes to have deeper cooperation ties with CRDF, and to rely on the international branding and strong economic strength of China Railway Group Limited (CREC) to accelerate the integration of local enterprises and economy of Fujian Province in Malaysia’s market, and to ultimately realise mutual benefit and win-win in cooperation.

CRDF Managing Director, Mr Chen expressed his gratitude and warmly welcomed the delegates on this trade mission. CRDF has been steadily growing since the establishment due to the strong support and understanding from the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia and domestic government, the correct guidance from CREC, the tireless work from all colleagues, while adhering to the enterprise spirit of “overcome with courage, pursuit of excellence”. He urged both parties to strengthen cooperation, and helping the local enterprises’ participation in the development of China’s “One Belt, One Road” in terms of strategies and planning. He hoped that both parties could grow together in realising mutual win, and contribute more towards the trade development between China and Malaysia at the same time. Lastly, he wished the trade mission from Fujian Province Department of Commerce to achieve great success.