Corporate Culture

Brand & Logo


The logo is constituted of the Chinese abbreviation of company name "CREC" and the English abbreviation "CREC", adopting blue color that symbolizes technology and ambition as the standard color. The background of the globe with meridians and latitudes interwoven indicates the company's global and strategic vision. The upright and vigorous word "工" is not only like a solid rail, carrying the glorious and heavy history, but also like giant building, illuminating a flourishing future.

Our Spirit

  • Brave to Overcome Difficulties and Pursuit for Excellence
  • CREC, building for excellence.
  • CREC bears the courage to overcome difficulties and holds the dedication to work diligently for the better future.
  • CREC adheres to the ideas of continuously improving itself to forge a world-renowned brand with excellent products, superior services and world-class teams.

Our Mission

Delivering Superior Products, Improving People’s Wellbeing

CREC upholds the dedication of delivering superior projects, manufacturing high-quality products and providing brilliant services within the whole chain of construction and its diversified relevant industries for continuously improving traffic, people’s life and environment in general and aims at helping to enhance the wellbeing and living of people for a better future.

Our Tenet

Innovation and Efficiency for High Quality Development

CREC adheres to an innovation-oriented development that keeps pace with the time to be a leader for both today and the future. CREC sticks to improving efficiency and quality while solidifies its fundamentals for a safe, coordinated, harmonious, sustainable and environmentally-friendly development with higher achievements and value.

Our Vision

Leading in China and around the World

CREC aims to be a leading company in Chinese construction industry by improving its core advantages and a first-class conglomerate in international infrastructure development arena by enhancing its international influence through globalization.

Core Value

  • Integrity, Dedication, Cooperation and Sharing
  • Integrity as Basic Outlook of Value
  • Professionalism and Dedication as Basic Attitudes Towards Work
  • People-oriented, Fair, Cooperative and Inclusive
  • Win-win Development for the Enterprise, Staff, Shareholders and Society